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Ryan Higa




July 20, 2006


United States

Nigahiga, owned by Ryan Higa. Along with helping friends, Ryan has made many skits, parodies, and rants throughout the channel's time. Nigahiga's popularity was launched to new hights with their video "How to be Ninja", which racked up over 10,000,000 views. The video was so popular they made it into a series, making three more videos in the same style. All three were hits and soon nigahiga was gaining hordes of subscribers. Not letting the fame get to his head however, Ryan still made different videos, mostly rants on different things and skits.

However, after WMG started acting more on YouTube, all of nigahiga's very popular "How to be" videos were deleted for containing copyrighted music in them, except for the latest "How to be Nerd". However not even the Nerd video lasted long when WMG struck again and had it and almost all of Ryan's rant videos deleted. All that currently remains of Nigahiga's older videos are some of the skits. Ryan himself made angry comments on all the deletes, and started to recreate all of his old rants without the copyrighted music. As of now, nigahiga has had three series' running: "Skitzo", Remade Rants, and "Movies in Minutes" (which could be the next target for WMG).