Wesley Kennedy started the channel in Jun 24, 2008. It's known to be the home channel of Frankensteins. It's first video was "Guitar Hero Custom Song 100% FC impossiblesongicantusestarpower..." The video was recording donnaken15 with a bloggie. The bloggie actually helped to record video games on PC. The first ever video editor he (Probably) used is AVS Video Editor. A few videos later, Super Mario Bros Music Hacks part 1 was posted, but it was made with Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP. (or another 32bit computer) He wasn't mostly using a screen capture software because his computers ran too slow. (2fast4u) That's where the bloggie fits in. After 100s of videos, he's finally moved to using a screen capture software called "XSplit." The way he records is use one scene that plays the intro, then the gameplay, then the outro. It will make him upload videos faster.

He even has many social media pages.







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